retha wiesner
Linking People, Strategy, Change and Performance



Dr. Retha Wiesner is Research Program Leader: SME Performance and Entrepreneurial Leadership, in the Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development and Professor of Management in the School of Management and Enterprise at the University of Southern Queensland.  

She has around 20 years of experience working with small entrepreneurial firms as well as large corporations. This has included supporting organisations with implementing high performance management practices and programs to achieve positive organisational outcomes.   

Her research, teaching and consulting activities are focused on: (1) accelerating entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises; and (2) improving organisations through developing and implementing people management strategies, organisational change strategies and business sustainability strategies.

Retha is a frequent speaker to professional and academic audiences and is engaged in several large national and international research projects.   In addition, Retha has consulted on the topics of entrepreneurial leadership, building high performance teams, employee management and organisational change through action research with dozens of companies around the world.

Retha is leading a major research program on Small and Medium Enterprise performance and entrepreneurial leadership in the Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development (ACSBD) at the University of Southern Queensland. The focus of this program is on leading and creating innovative, entrepreneurial and high performance cultures in organisations. She is internationally renowned for her work in Small and Medium Enterprises and empowering women through entrepreneurship.  Since 2009 she has led (is leading) externally research funded projects of more than $5m.

Retha has published her research widely in credible national and international research journals and conference proceedings and has been the recipient of numerous research grants and awards over the years. She has co-authored nine books in the last ten years on the topic areas of management, organisational behaviour, human resource management and business sustainability.




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